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Google Chrome integration
Google Chrome integration

Adding contacts from social networks

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Livespace CRM plugin for Google Chrome allows you to add new contacts and deals quickly and directly from your browser. You can download our plugin from Google Store, here: chrome-social-contact.

In this article we describe:

How does this integration work?

When you browse people’s profiles on LinkedIn, a small icon will appear in the address bar - the Livespace logo.


When the logo lights up in green – it means the plugin has found some information that can be added to CRM.

When you click on the logo – you’ll see a short summary of the information found by Livespace, you can edit it before adding a contact. Livespace adds name and surname, picture, e-mail address, phone number, position and company name. It all depends on which information was posted on the person’s profile.

You can also add person’s information by adding tags and additional forms: we discuss it later in this article.

To save the process click on Add contact or Add deal:


On the contact’s profile, you can add a person’s social website addresses or other links. This allows you to quickly obtain additional information about the person, e.g. when we are preparing for a meeting and want to check in which projects this person has recently worked, what discussions she/he participated in, etc.


Good to know:

  • Clicking on Add deal automatically creates new contact and new deal in Livespace.

  • The plugin allows for adding new companies profiles as well as contacts – it automatically recognizes what kind of profile we deal with.

Add contacts with tags and description

Social Contact plugin allows for adding more data than just the basics. You can add a description or even tags to easily identify your contacts. In order to turn on this feature, click on the gear in the top-right corner of the plugin, when it pops-up:


The plugin’s settings are as follows:

  • Enable tags – enables adding tags when gathering contact information via plugin

  • Remember tags entered last – fills in tags

  • Enable description – adds Description field


Make changes to settings, then go back to the main plugin view. You’ll see spaces for Description and tags. Fill in the necessary information and click on Add contact.

When the process is successful, the plugin will notify you about it. Click on Check to see new profile in Livespace:


Add contacts information to additional forms

If you have any additional fields added to Livespace forms, you can now fill those in while working with the plugin. In order to refresh additional forms, go to plugin’s settings (top-right corner):


Click on Refresh additional fields. The plugin will download information about your fields from Livespace and add it to the plugin. You’ll know when a green mark will be displayed next to Refresh additional fields option.


Go back to the main menu, you’ll see your fields have been updated. Now you can finish adding the contact.

Good to know:

  • Plugin will see only additional fields marked as Highlighted in the Main form.

  • You can read more about forms in Livespace here.

Where does the plugin work best?

The Livespace plugin for Google Chrome allows you to instantly download data from LinkedIn.

Where can I download Livespace CRM plugin for Google Chrome?

You can download our plugin from Google Store, here: chrome-social-contact

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