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Email and tasks automation
Email and tasks automation

Does Livespace have automated email sending?

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In Livespace, you have the ability to schedule email campaigns to customers.

Go to the profile of the contact or deal, then select the Automation tab on the profile board. In the email message window, freely edit the automated message, and by clicking on the calendar icon, set the date and time range for sending the message to the recipient.

Add the next step in the sequence. It could be another email message or a task that will remind you of other actions to be taken.

You can configure the task to appear in your CRM only if the client does not respond to the email from step 1 within the time frame you set – for example, after 3 days. Determine the remaining parameters and the form in which the task will be automatically added to your Livespace. Set the priority, icon, and name of the task.

Add the next steps by clicking the Add Step button if you want to expand your sequence with another email or task.

Everything ready? Launch the sequence by clicking the Schedule button!

You can save the automated email and task sequence you've created to use it multiple times in this form. To do so, click on Save as Template.

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