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Duplicated contacts
Duplicated contacts

Find out how to identify duplicated contacts and how to merge them into one.

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In case you have duplicated contacts - due to incorrect import or accidentally adding one contact several times, you can find and merge all of the duplicated contacts into one.

Merging contacts means that duplicated instances of the same contact are combined into one. The base is the data from the contact specified as default. All of the data from the other merged contacts will be added to the default contact. However, if there is some information which is not duplicated (like the company’s name), the data from the default contact is saved.

In this article we describe:

How to identify duplicated contacts

In the Automation package, there is a possibility to easily identify duplicate contacts. To do that, go to a list of contacts and press Search for duplicates on the left side. This option is available for administrators only.

You will be redirected to a window, which enables you to find duplicate companies or people.

After pressing Search for duplicates you will see the search status.

Afterwards, the list of duplicates for companies or people will be generated:

To merge duplicates you should select contacts and press Merge. When contacts are merged, they will disappear from the list of potential duplicates.

If suggested contacts are not duplicates, you can deny merging those contacts by pressing Reject.

If you are not sure, which contact is a duplicate, you can go to the contact profile pressing its name in the Name column. On the contact profile, you will also see the information about the potential duplicate.

After choosing merge duplicates, you will see the pop-up allowing you to merge companies or people.

After merging the duplicates, all information and ties will be moved to the default contact. If any piece of information appears in both places, the default data will be preserved. After the search on the companies or people list, there will appear one contact with the indicated name.

Merging contacts on a contact profile

  1. On the contact’s profile expand the popup menu located right next to Edit and click on Merge contacts.


  2. You will see a window in which you can find a contact to be merged with the base contact. If you open the merging form on the profile, Livespace automatically tries to find similar contacts and shows you suggestions for merging them.


Merging contacts by List operations

To merge the duplicated contacts on the list view:

  1. Go to the Contacts tab and switch on List operations.

  2. Select all the contacts you want to merge and use the Merge option.


3. You will see a new window. Choose which contact should be the default one. The data from the other contacts will be added to it. Press Continue to combine your contacts


Worth knowing

  • You can merge up to 10 contacts at once using List operations.

  • While merging contacts, all contact and address data (information) will be taken into account, as well as all information from additional fields, tasks, deals, board entries, files, etc., will be taken into account.

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