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How to link a contact form to Livespace?
How to link a contact form to Livespace?
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Do you have a contact form on your website that generates emails with contact information? You can use Livespace's integration with Zapier to make it very easy to have the completed contact form automatically add a Sales Deal in your CRM!

How does the external integration of Livespace by Zapier work?

1. The contact form on the website is filled out and submitted.

2. Zapier automatically adds the sales deal to Livespace with the data from the contact form.

Zapier Configuration:

Step 1 - Trigger

In this case, the trigger is the e-mail that has fallen into the mailbox. Log in to your account, then:

  1. Create a new Zap.

2. within the Trigger step, point to the Email Parser by Zapier application.

3. Select New Email as the Trigger Event.

4. Use the login button with an account from Zapier.

5. Then go to the Zapier Email Parser tool and create a new mailbox by pressing Create Mailbox.

6. A new e-mail box will be created. Copy the address of this mailbox. Use this address as the address to which messages from the contact form from the site are to be sent. Do not close the window - you will return here in step 9.

7. Provide this email address as the recipient of the form on your site (in the example, a screenshot from the WP Forms tool).

8. Go to the web page where the contact form is posted, complete it, and send/save the contact.

9. Return to the Zapier Email Parser tool and go to the Mailboxes section. Here, select the cogwheel icon to reach the sample message sent in step 7.

10. Now you can, on the received e-mail message, mark those elements that you want to treat as variables - that is, data that will be transferred to Livespace. To do this, point to the relevant parts of the message and set their names (arbitrarily).

Save the changes with the Save Address and Template button at the bottom of the page.

11. Go back to the Zapier application, point to the email box as the Trigger calling Zap's, and download the test data.

12. If the data has been downloaded, you can go to the Action setting.

Step 2 - Action

1. In Zapier, in the list of applications responsible for the action, find and point to Livespace.

2. Specify the action to be performed when the form is completed. In our case, first we need to create a contact to which we will assign a sales deal, so choose Create Person from the list.

3. Connect your Livespace account to Zapier. This is a necessary step when setting up the first integration. In subsequent ones, Zapier will already remember your account details. Select Sign in to Livespace to enter your Livespace access credentials.

4. To connect the account, you need the data available in Livespace settings, in the API section. Go to Livespace as an administrator: Account settings > API.

Important: In the screenshot below, the API data is blurred - not by accident. API data allows you to perform actions on behalf of a user, without knowing the password. They must not be shared or stored in an unsecured location. They are just as important as the login data for Livespace!

5. Paste the API keys and account name in Livespace now into Zapier.

6. Now indicate which fields of the contact form should describe the new contact in Livespace. The first and last name is necessary to create a new contact.

7. Download the sample data by selecting Continue, and then test the performance of the integration through Test & Continue.

8. Use the "+" icon to add a third step where you create a new sales deal.

Step 3 - Action

1. Then, as in the previous section, find Livespace in the list of applications.

2. Specify the action to be performed when Zapier creates a new contact in Livespace. Now it will be to add a sales deal, so choose Create Deal from the list.

3. Point to the Livespace account that was added in the previous steps.

4. In the last step, define the field values of the added sales deal. The deal must have a name and be assigned to the selected contact. For example, to assign it to a person in the Person field, go to the Custom section and point to that ID with a number that has the Livespace icon.

Here you can also specify other parameters of the deal, such as:

  • Deal Name - the name of the sales deal, such as Request for Demo from Company Name.

  • Company - the name of the company. Set it analogously to the name of the person, indicating the ID, as shown in the screenshot above.

  • Sales Process Id - Id of the process in which the deal is to be set up. Since we are adding in the current default, we can leave this field blank. If you want to add a deal in a process other than the default one, check the key of the process in question in Livespace β†’ Account Setup β†’ API and insert it in this field:

  • Owner user Id - the owner of the sales deal. If you do not indicate any user here, the owner will be the person whose API keys were indicated in item no. 5.

  • Closing Date - the planned closing date. If you do not indicate a date, the planned finalization date will not be set.

  • Visibility - is the deal to be public? When you leave this field blank, the deal will be added as public.

Done! Go to the web page and test Zap's performance by completing the contact form.

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