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Integration with Focus Contact Center
Integration with Focus Contact Center
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If the telephone client services take up a large part of your employees’ day, you can significantly speed up their work by using the Livespace integration with Focus Contact Center. The integration supports outgoing calls and enables synchronization of customer data and calls with them. Thanks to this, you have access to a full history of conversations with clients and the possibility of a more detailed analysis of your team’s activities.

In this article we discuss:

Scope of the integration

Call directly from Livespace

The integration allows you to call directly from Livespace by pressing the number of the person you want to call. You don’t have to switch between applications or dial a phone number manually.

Clients profile displaying when answering or making a call

When you receive a call from a client, Livespace will recognize them and display their profile. Also, if you are using automatic connections with Focus Contact Center, Livespace will display the profile of the client you talk. Thanks to this, you have all the necessary information always at hand and you don’t miss the time for searching it.

Call history recording in Livespace

The integration allows for automatic conversation log recording with a client along with the date, time and duration of a call. Each call made and received will be visible in the client’s profile and also on the dashboard if you wish so. The complete call history will also be visible on the call list.

Access to Livespace statistics

The integration automatically counts the number of calls made and is included in the Livespace statistics. Calls statistics are available on the Statistics tab in the Activities section.

How to start integration

To start the integration, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Account Settings in Livespace > Integration and add-ons and from the list select integration with Focus Contact Center.

  2. If you still don’t have a Focus Contact Center account, create one. If you already have one, connect it to Livespace.

  3. Fill in the data required for integration:

    • API User – enter the full login of a user who has administrator rights in Focus Contact Center, e.g. john.smith@livespace.

    • API key – you can find it in Focus Contact Center in the tab Administration > Integration > API key.

    • Domain or IP address – enter the domain name you use to log in to Focus Contact Center.

  4. In the settings section, activate integration.

  5. In the expanded list, define additional settings such as:

    • ability to call by pressing the number in Livespace,

    • synchronization of call history,

    • conversation log displaying in the contact’s profile,

    • displaying connection information on the dashboard,

    • visibility of entries,

    • minimum length of calls to synchronize (type “0” if you also want to synchronize missed calls history).

  6. Press Save.

  7. In the end, assign user accounts in Focus Contact Center to appropriate users in Livespace.

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