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Email campaigns at Livespace
Email campaigns at Livespace
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This feature allows you to send mass messages to individuals and companies in your database. If you use the Automation, Growth, or Professional+ package, you have access to the Email Campaigns feature.

In this article you will find:

Email campaign preparation:

To send email campaigns, verify your mailbox settings in Livespace by opening Account Settings > Email Accounts, and then:

  1. Connect your email box to Livespace as instructed.

  2. Make sure you have the synchronization of the Received and Sent folders checked.

  3. Activate the Allow to send messages from this account option in the Message visibility section.

  4. Go to the Contacts tab and select Operations in the list.

5. Select the companies or individuals to whom you want to send an e-mail campaign and make sure their information is filled in correctly.

6. Press the Send email campaign option.

7. Fill in the fields Name, and Subject and complete the message content. Then select Next to send the campaign.

Once the campaign is sent, its content will immediately appear in the profiles of persons or companies along with the information about the status of the mailing.

If the email campaign sending fails, you will receive a notification.

Email campaign templates

Email templates in Livespace allow you to create automated emails with repetitive content. See how to create an email template in Livespace.

You can use a pre-made email template when creating a campaign.

  1. Go to the Templates tab and select Browse.

  2. Select a pre-made template or create a new one and proceed to send an email.

Good to know:

  1. You can add a tag to messages to group your email campaigns properly.

2. You can choose for whom your email campaign will be visible.

3. You can use variables to make your campaign personalized.

4. The campaign can be sent to a maximum of 100 contacts at a time.

5. You can set up automatic notifications, informing you that the people or companies to whom the campaign was sent have opened the message. You can also receive a notification if there is no such response.

6. You can track the effectiveness of your campaign by going to Statistics > Email Campaign.


In the statistics section, you will learn:

  • how many campaign emails were sent successfully,

  • how many campaign mailings failed,

  • how many recipients opened the campaign email,

  • how many times the campaign recipients clicked the link (if there was a link in the email),

  • CTR: how many recipients clicked the link (if there was a link in the email) - a percentage indicator showing the ratio of unique clicks to the number of delivered emails,

  • OR (open rate): ratio of avoided messages displayed to messages delivered.

Worth knowing:

You can correct the contact information of those people to whom the message did not reach and repeat the operations on the list already for only those contacts who did not originally receive the campaign.

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