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How to restore deleted objects?
How to restore deleted objects?

Get to know how to restore deleted contacts, deals or spaces.

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Deleted objects (contacts, deals, spaces) are transferred to the Removed tab. If you accidentally delete the contact, you can restore it. The following steps are the same for persons, companies, deals, and spaces.

In this article we describe:

Restoring objects

To restore objects, go to a proper tab (Contacts, Deals, Spaces), then select Removed from the Show menu.

Now you can restore a single object:

Or multiple ones via List operations:

You can also restore an object by clicking the Restore option on its profile.

Permanent object removal

You can restore removed objects only if they are still on the Removed list. If you permanently remove an object from this location, you will no longer be able to restore it by yourself.

You can also delete an object by clicking the Delete option on its profile.

Clearing personal data

If you would like to clear personal data during deleting contacts, go to Account settings > Contacts and check the option below:

After permanently removing the contact, their data: avatar, name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address and postal address will become hidden.



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