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In Livespace CRM, you can add individual contacts in two ways: from anywhere using the quick add button or directly in the Contacts tab.

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Quickly adding a contact to CRM

To quickly add a new contact from anywhere in Livespace:

  1. Click on the quick add button.

2. Select the type of contact you want to add from the menu: a person or a company.

3. A form for adding a person or company will open. Complete it with data such as name, surname, position, telephone number, etc.

4. When the form is completed, you can click on Add to save the contact or on Add and create new to open the same form again and create a new contact.

Adding a contact in the Contacts tab

  1. Go to the contact list.

2. Select the type of contacts: Companies or Persons.

3. Click the Add a company (or person) button on the right side of the contact list.

4. In the open form, complete the data (name, address, telephone number, etc.).

5. Finally, click on Add or on Add and create new to open the form and add another contact.

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