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In the Regional settings area, you can set the language, timezone, and data format in CRM, adjusting it to your needs.

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How to find regional settings?

To go to the regional settings in Livespace, select Profile settings -> Regional settings.

Here, you can customize your CRM in terms of language, timezone, and format of the date, numbers, and values.

How to change the language?

You can change the language in Livespace by selecting Polish, English, or Russian.

Please remember that although each Livespace user may have a different interface language selected within one company, some data will be available only in one language, which is the default. Therefore, the language change concerns the basic elements of the application, such as system fields names, prompts, button labels, etc.

However, the language of the elements that are editable and common to all users, will not change, for example, added content, task types, task statuses, steps in the sales process, and names of additional fields.

Displaying the date, time, numbers, and values

In Regional settings, you can also change how the date, time, numbers, and values are displayed, and you can even set the date that shows in the Livespace calendar as the first day of the week. You can set the time format according to the 24-hour or 12-hour clock, that is H:i – 15:30, h:i a – 3:30 pm:

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