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Importing ties
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In Livespace you have the ability to create ties between existing objects, allowing you to reflect any relationship between customers, partners and suppliers or projects.

With this feature, you have the ability to import the entire contact database with the indication of the object to which it is linked in Livespace, without having to edit it manually.

In this article we have described:

What ties are available?

How to import ties?

You can import:

  • Person and Company

  • Companies

  • Deals

  • Products

  • Vehicles/Spaces

In order to carry out such an import effectively, you need to prepare a file extended with a column of linkage information. If you want to import more than one linkage, each should be in a separate column.

For example, your file could look like this:

The column name is the name of the tie that has been created in the application.

Important: the linkage import applies only to those linkages that already exist in Livespace. The import itself does not create a new linkage.

If there are several links - they will appear in a drop-down list, where we will see all the ties we have created in the application.

Result after import

After importing the file, we should see working ties in the system:

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