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Integration with Sellizer
Integration with Sellizer
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Sellizer is a tool that allows you to automate the distribution of commercial offers to clients and get the advanced analytics of its effectiveness.

Livespace CRM enables Sellizer integration and allows you to easily control the sending of offers from CRM.

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How to activate Sellizer integration?

  • Go to Account settings > Integrations and add-ons and select Sellizer on the list

  • If you haven’t use Sellizer before, create an account using a button on the right side. If you have the account already – select a button Download browser plugin

  • For now, Sellizer offers plugin supported by Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. In the future, it should be available for Opera and Safari as well.

  • After downloading the plugin, go back to integrations tab in Livespace and Enable Sellizer integration

  • Go to a contact profile – person or company. In the lower right corner you will find the login button to Sellizer:

  • After login your integration with Sellizer is ready.

How to use Sellizer integration?

With Livespace and Sellizer integration you can send your offers directly from CRM and track what happens when they reach your customer in Sellizer.

  • To send your first offer, go to the contact, who should get the offer and select Add new on the right side:

  • In an appeared window choose the e-mail address, on which the offer should be sent, then move to the offer creator by selecting Send a proposal

  • Thanks to that the creator will know the recipient’s details, which may improve the mailing process

  • All sent or prepared, in that way, offers will be available in the section on the right side of the contact profile.

  • At the same place, you can add more offers using Add button and go straight to offers list in the Sellizer after selecting See all

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