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Livespace CRM + Thulium
Livespace CRM + Thulium
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Thanks to the integration of Thulium VoIP with Livespace, it is possible to make phone calls directly from CRM. This integration allows you to start a call with just one click, without having to dial the number on the phone.

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Making calls from within Livespace

With an active Thulium integration, it is possible to make business calls quickly and directly from the CRM – without having to dial the number on the phone or using an additional VoIP application.

After clicking on the contact’s phone number in Livespace you will be asked if you want to make a phone call. If you confirm, the Thulium system, will establish a connection.

How to set up the integration?

To start the integration with Thulium system:

  1. Go to Account settings in Livespace

    1. Select Integrations and add-ons > Thulium

    2. Next select Connect your existing Thulium account

    3. Enter Thulium login details in Account information section:

      • Username

      • Password

      • Domain or IP address

You can find API access data in the Thulium panel in Administration > API parameters.

After saving the form with Thulium access data, a list of Thulium users will appear and on the right – their Livespace counterparts. Here you can match phone numbers from Thulium accordingly to users in Livespace.

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