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Datera Call-eX integration
Datera Call-eX integration
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Integration of your Livespace account with Datera Call-eX VoIP system allows you to easily record your calling history. In the history of the given contact, you will find information about all the performed conversation. You can listen to it, as well as download the recordings of conversations. The integration also allows you to call the customer with a single click, without having to dial a number and allows automated display of a given customers profile when you receive an incoming call.
In this article you will find:

Recording the history of calls on customers profile

Integration with Call–eX allows you to automatically record the conversation history on a contact’s profile. If you call a customer with active VoIP, or if a customer calls you, this information automatically appears in the history of your contacts with this customer, as the new post on the wall.

Recording the history of calls on the user profile

In the same way, as it does in the case of a customer profile, history of incoming and outgoing phone calls is presented on each Livespace users profile. The specific icon of a person visible by the post depends on who performed the data connection (client or user).

Filtering the types of posts by calls

Starting the integration with Datera brings up a new filter on the contact wall – Phones. It allows you to quickly show only the alerts related to the call history.

Listening to recorded conversations

If you have Datera subscription allowing you to store conversation recordings, you can listen to them quickly by going to a given profile in the Livespace contacts history.

By default, saved conversations are not stored in Livespace, so they do not take your disk space. Saving them to CRM takes place at the time of your first attempts to listen to it. You can also download recordings in MP3 format.

Information about incoming calls

In Livespace, you can display information about incoming calls with automatic matching the contacts by its phone number. Clicking on the message opens the contact profile and allows you to familiarize yourself with the history of contacts (eg. emails, notes) with the given customer. It also gives you the access to additional information that may be helpful during a call.

For the proper use of this feature, you need to configure the CTI Styk service in the Datera Call–eX settings. Then, you need to introduce the CTI Styk information to Livespace settings.

Executing a call from Livespace

Having the active Datera integration you can quickly make calls to customers from the CRM system, without having to dial a number on the keypad or using additional application supporting VoIP.

Clicking on a phone number in Livespace displays a question on making a phone call. If you confirm that you want to make a call using Datera Call–eX, the connection will be established.

First, the telephone number linked to the specific Livespace user calls. After picking up the handset you will be connected to the chosen Livespace number. If the specific Livespace user has several phone numbers, he will be able to choose from which the call is to be made.

Statistics of executed calls

Launching integration with Datera allows you to automatically count the number of dialled calls and to take them into account in statistics. Call statistics are available in the Statistics tab, in Activities section.

Call list

The list of all conversations with the numbers of your Livespace users can be found in the Notifications > Calls.

List of conversations shows the calls from all phone numbers added to Livespace. It also gives you the possibility to quickly filter the conversations, so that you can find only those ones that are really interesting to you.

You may also find conversation with the numbers that are not assigned to any contact on the conversation list. Such talks can be quickly assigned to the existing contact on the list, with simultaneous completing it with a phone number or creating a new contact.

How to run the integration?

To configure the integration with Datera:

  1. Go to the Account settings

  2. Click Integrations and add-ons > Datera section in Livespace.

  3. Choose the option Connect your existing Datera Call-eX account.

In the Account information section type login information for the Datera panel:

  • Login

  • Password

  • Domain name or IP address

In the Settings tab, you need to activate integration and customize settings to your needs. This is where you can make a decision:

  • Do you allow making a connection after clicking on the number in Livespace?
    (turning it off will make it not possible to make a quick call from Livespace)

  • Do you want to download the history and call recordings from the Datera archive?
    (turning it off causes that the history of conversations is not recorded in the Livespace contact history)

  • Do you want to see notification of incoming calls in Livespace?

  • Who have the permissions to see conversation history?
    (everyone, or the persons executing the connection and Livespace managers only)

  • Do you want to record in the history only these conversations that lasted longer than a certain number of seconds?

The last step is to assign numbers to the individual Livespace users. You will need to enter the phone number and Datera SIP login for every single user.

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