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Updated over a week ago is a very friendly service that allows you to create perfect landing pages with a simple visual editor. By integrating it with Livespace CRM, the information (records) entered into the landing page forms are send directly to Livespace. If you want to integrate it, just copy the API keys from your Livespace account to the settings form on the created landing page.

Where to find the Livespace API key

To download the API key, log in to Livespace and go to the Account settings > API.

On the right side, you can find a list of people in Livespace and their API keys. To enable adding new contacts on behalf of a specific person, display and copy the API data for this person. These are two parameters: API key and API secret. They will be necessary to carry out the integration with


Integration with

To connect a landing page to your Livespace account, log in to and go to the editing form of the specific page. Then, when you see a form intended for entering data, select Edit option to determine where the saved information should go.


From the menu on the left select Settings tab, and then, in the Sending method field, choose Livespace. Complete the three parameters necessary for the proper integration:

Name of your Livespace instance – the address you use to log in to Livespace, but without the “http://” or “” part (for example, in the case of “” it will be simply the word: “demo”)

Your API Key – that you previously copied from Livespace

Your API Secret – that you previously copied from Livespace


After completing the form, confirm the entered information and go back to your landing page edition. From now on, your obtained contacts will be saved directly into Livespace CRM. will also match the content of the landing page form fields to the proper fields in Livespace, depending on the selected type of a form.

Worth knowing:

  • If the information from landing pages is not saved, make sure you correctly copied your API key and API secret – for example, check whether there are any adjacent spaces before / after the keys you typed into the form.

  • Currently, the integration requires you to select a user on whose behalf information will be added to Livespace. Our API is still being developed and we plan to introduce more freedom and flexibility here. But at present you need to use the API of a specific user, so the added contacts will be marked as added by them.

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