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Gravatar integration
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Gravatar is a service allowing you to link an eโ€“mail address with a photo or picture โ€“ users avatar. Livespace has the option to turn on the integration with Gravatar. If the avatar is found for any of your contacts, it will be automatically used instead of the default blank image visible on its profile and on the contact list. Of course you can still set your own contact avatar for a given person.

If you want to turn on integration with Gravatar, go to the Account settings and click on the Gravatar logo in the Integrations and add-ons tab. Then, press Please turn on avatars in Gravatar to activate the integration.


The number of displayed avatars obviously depends on how many of your clients use the services and set the appropriate pictures for their email addresses.

One thing is certain โ€“ the contact list with photos looks much better ๐Ÿ™‚

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