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iPresso integration
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Livespace allows for a two-way synchronization of your contacts with iPresso and iPresso Express.

How to integrate Livespace CRM with iPresso?

To integrate Livespace with iPresso, log into both applications.

Then, while in iPresso, go to Settings then open the Integrations tab and choose Livespace.


Next, complete the special integration form with three parameters:

  1. Address of your Livespace instance

  2. API key

  3. API Secret parameter

The information about the API key and secret API key can be found in Livespace, in the Account settings > API > Users section. You need to select a particular user on behalf of which information will be retrieved from Livespace.

After typing in the information, perform the connection test. If the data has been entered correctly, iPresso will confirm the connection and you will be able to save changes.


You can finish the integration by clicking on Save.

How to use the integration?

After you integrate iPresso with Livespace CRM, you can synchronize your contacts between the two tools. To do this, go to the iPresso tab Contacts > Contacts integration > Livespace and choose the Synchronize option.

Synchronization allows you to download the contacts from Livespace and instantly add them to iPresso. Contacts that appear in iPresso as a result of copying them from Livespace will be marked as coming from Livespace, and after clicking on them you will move directly from iPresso account to the corresponding contact’s profile in Livespace.

What information is synchronized?

Within the synchronization of the two tools, two actions take place:

  1. Contacts from iPresso that are not marked as coming from Livespace are sent to Livespace,

  2. Contacts that are in Livespace, but are not in iPresso yet, are added to iPresso.

The following information about your contacts are copied within the synchronization:

  • Name

  • Surname

  • Company

  • Position

  • Landline phone

  • Mobile phone

  • Personal email

  • Business email

With the active integration with iPresso, all the operations carried out on individual contacts in iPresso are automatically synchronized with Livespace – in terms of adding, editing, and deleting contacts.

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