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Email message sequence in CRM
Email message sequence in CRM
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From marketing research, it's evident that 80% of sales opportunities require at least 5 contacts to successfully convert them into customers. However, 70% of salespeople give up on trying to convert a sales opportunity after the first unanswered email. This typically occurs due to lack of time, consistency in actions, or the perception that lack of response equals lack of interest from the customer and marks the end of the sales process. Nevertheless, until we receive a specific response, we remain in the game.

The automatic email sequence feature comes to the rescue. Livespace will continue to reach out to the customer until a response is received – whether positive or negative – as part of a pre-scheduled email campaign at specified intervals. Additionally, after several unanswered emails, Livespace will automatically remind us to perform a task such as "follow up with the customer by phone".

In this article, we have described:

Creating email sequences in Livespace CRM

The email sequence feature in Livespace is accessible from the profile of a Contact (person or company) as well as from a Deal. To create your own email sequence, navigate to the profile of the Contact or Deal, and then:

  1. Select the Automation tab on the profile board and freely edit the automated message.

Worth knowing: When adding templates to scheduled messages in a sequence, you can use Variables. This feature allows you to personalize names, surnames, or company names. Add variables beforehand in the Additional Fields.

2. You can now save the content of this single message as a template and load it when composing another email message.

3. You can set the date and time range for sending the email message, during which the message will reach the recipient.

Add the next step in the sequence. It could be another email message or a task that will remind you of other actions, such as a phone call with this client.

4. You can configure the task to appear in your CRM only if the client does not respond to the email from step 1 within the time frame you set – for example, after 3 days. Determine the remaining parameters and the form in which the task will be automatically added to your Livespace. Set the priority, icon, and name of the task.

5. Add the next steps by clicking the Add Step button if you want to expand your sequence with another email or task.

6. You can save the automated email and task sequence you've created to use it multiple times in this form. To do so, click on Save as Template.

7. Everything ready? Launch the sequence by clicking the Schedule button!

Editing an automated message

Are you afraid of sending too many messages and annoying potential customers? Much depends on the content itself, as well as the quantity and frequency of sending subsequent emails. If the messages are not overly sales-focused but rather aimed at building relationships, many people will be grateful that we reminded them of our first email.

The email sending automation process also involves the need to send similar messages to different companies or individuals. Therefore, it is important for the email content to be universal and not require editing each time, while still remaining personalized and not sounding like an automated message. In the email editing window, you have the option to use Variables, which will automatically assign, for example, the name and surname of the person to whom we are sending the message:

Write at least two additional emails, in addition to the opening message you already have. Remember that this should be a sequence – all emails must be logically connected. Make sure that contact details are filled in for the recipient of the message with specific variables, such as Position. To see how the message will appear in the recipient's inbox, click Preview under the Variables list.

Using sequence templates

If you want to repeat the created email sequence for another recipient, don't forget to save the sequence as a template before scheduling by clicking on Save as Template button.

Thanks to this, when planning the sending to the next client, you will have the option to load the entire ready-made email and task template without the need to configure it from scratch.

To load the entire template, use the Choose from Template option in the blue bar at the beginning of the automation.

Visibility of sequences

  1. In the message view

You will see scheduled sequences in a view that includes all messages sent/received in Livespace. To do this, select the envelope icon in the top right corner, indicate that you want to see email messages, and click on See all.

After completing these steps, you will go directly to the view of all email messages:

From this point, you can both delete or pause the sequence and see those that are in progress, paused, or completed.

For each sequence where at least one step has been executed, a progress bar is visible.

2. On the profile of a Contact or Deal.

Scheduled sequences are also visible directly on the profile of a Contact or Deal:

In this location, after selecting Edit, you can easily pause or delete the sequence.


In the Automation package and higher tiers, it's possible to send emails from multiple email accounts. This means that depending on the package, users can connect from 2 to 10 email accounts to their profile.

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