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Managing your email inbox
Managing your email inbox
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In this article we discuss:

List of accounts

In the Profile settings (E-mail Accounts tab), you can find a list of e-mail addresses connected to Livespace along with information about the account owner, the ability to send emails through CRM, the time of the last synchronization, the number of messages downloaded and assigned to contacts, and the ability to edit or to remove the email account.

Sending emails from multiple accounts

Starting from the Automation package you can send messages from more than 1 email account.

If in the Profile settings the option of sending emails is enabled for selected email accounts, then you can choose from which address the messages should be sent.

Email footer

In Livespace, you can add your own email footer. In order to do that:

  1. Go to Profile settings and select the E-mail Accounts tab.

  2. Switch to the Signature section displayed in settings.

  3. Fill in the footer using the toolbar for formatting the text, then press Save.

    Moreover, if you have a htlm footer, you can also add it in coding mode, by using Code View feature:

    Paste the source code of your footer and confirm with the Save button.

Assigning email messages to contacts

  • Retrieved messages are assigned to contacts (both people and companies) based on email addresses from the following fields: sender, recipient, and copy to.

  • If the message cannot be assigned to any of existing contacts, it will be saved in Livespace with a special mark. The CRM reviews this type of messages once a day, checking whether they can be assigned to one of the newly added contacts.

  • You can also assign a message manually by selecting the communication icon >E-mail tab > See all

    This way, you will get to the list of all emails downloaded from your connected mailboxes to CRM. To assign a message, use the Assign option, and select the contact to which you want to assign the message.


  • In Livespace the messages are synchronized without attachments. If you want to download the attachment, Livespace connects to the email server and the file is downloaded from there.

  • After deleting a message from your e-mail server or moving it to another folder, Livespace will no longer be able to download the attachments from this message.

Additional information

  • Remember: Livespace will always sync messages from two folders in your mailbox – “Inbox” and “Sent”. Make sure that the email that should be in your Livespace account was not sent to SPAM.
    The only exception is when your account is IMAP account, and is using Livespace new mechanism for synchronisation. In that case, all messages from all folders will be synchronised.

  • Once the email account is set up correctly, you can start sending messages, and scheduled sequences of automated email messages to clients.

  • Email accounts are synchronized periodically every few minutes. If you need to refresh the list of emails immediately, you can use the Download new messages button, available in the Email messages tab.

  • If you have problems configuring your Gmail account, read this article.

  • You can find the content of your messages by using Search (as well as notes on the wall of contacts and deals).

  • The email account connected to Livespace will be deactivated after 10 consecutive unsuccessful attempts to connect to the mail server.

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