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Livespace integration with Make
Livespace integration with Make

Connect Livespace with almost 2,000 different types of applications.

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Make allows you to automatically transfer data between different web applications. Connect Livespace with almost 2,000 different types of applications.

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What apps can be integrated with Make?

Make is constantly evolving and the number of applications will continue to grow. The current full list can be found on

Aplikacje dostępne w Make

How to run integration with Make?

To launch integration:

  1. Create or log in to your Make account.

  2. Accept the invitation here and start integration.

Instalacja Livespace w Make

3. The configuration is in the Make panel. You will need three parameters from your Livespace instance:

  • your instance name, for example;

  • Your API Key and API Secret, which can be found in the Account Settings -> API -> Users.

Utworzenie połączenia między Livespace a Make

Once the configuration is complete, you can proceed to connecting your selected applications.

Automations from Livespace that are available in Make

In Make, you can perform many automations that will make your daily work with Livespace easier, such as:

  • creating a contact,

  • creating a deal,

  • editing contact,

  • adding a note to the company,

  • adding a product to the deal,

  • sending a notification to the user,

  • deal update.

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