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Prześ integration
Prześ integration
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After you integrate Livespace CRM with Prześ, you will be able to quickly complete the information about your potential customers, completing all the data by reference to their tax identification number (NIP) or company registration number (REGON). With only one click!

Important: this feature is available in the Polish version of Livespace only!

Filling company details automatically

When you add a new company to Livespace, start with typing in its NIP number. You will see the icon that will allow you to download further company details from Prześ database.

Clicking on the icon will automatically download the address and corporate information. The name and address details of the company will fill out automatically. Now you can approve it with the Save button.


Worth to know

If you want the Company’s NIP number to be visible also in the form of the related Deal and/or Persons, enable the relevant options in the Account Settings > Deals > General:

How to activate or deactivate the integration?

The integration is enabled by default. To turn it off or restart, go to the Account settings > Integrations and add-ons > Prześ and select the proper settings.


How to add contacts from Prześ to Livespace?

Using our plug-in for Google Chrome you can save your contacts directly from Prześ to your Livespace CRM. Just go to the profile of the chosen company. The icon to add the company to Livespace will appear in the address bar.

If you need more information about our Google Chrome plug-in, read this article.

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