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Automatic deal numbering
Automatic deal numbering
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If you open a lot of new deals or spaces, it could be useful to consider automatic deal numbering in Livespace CRM. Thanks to this feature, your deals and spaces are going to be numbered automatically.

In this article, we describe:

How does automatic numbering work?

If you turn on automatic numbering, when adding a deal or space, you’ll see an information about automatic deal numbering in addition form.


How to turn on automatic deal numbering?

In order to turn on this feature:

  1. Go to Account settings

  2. Choose Forms from the left side menu

  3. Choose Numbering tab

  4. Turn on the feature

  5. You can modify the numbering as you wish, according to provided instruction


Default numbering is:

[ next number ] / [ year ] as %N/%Y

You can change the numbering format by changing the order of the elements or providing an additional information concerning the month – %M, day – %D, number – %N, year – %Y or user’s initials %I.
You can also change the value of numbering if you want to start for example at 1000 or reset it at the beginning of the new year.

What will happen if I delete a space or deal?

Deleting a deal or space moves it to the list of deleted deals or spaces, you can bring it back later if you want. If you delete a deal or space, automatic numbering system will suggest the next number of deal or space. Because of that, when a deal or space is restored – you won’t have any doubles on your lists.

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