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How to extend Livespace account
How to extend Livespace account

When extending the validity of the seats, you can choose a package and specify the extension period of access to the application.

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What is a seat in Livespace?

When you pay for an account in Livespace, you extend the validity of seats, to which users are then assigned. The purchased seats are available regardless of whether and which users you assign to them. In addition, you can disconnect a user from an active seat and assign a new one to it at any time, at no additional cost. Disconnection of a user from a seat can occur when a user is suspended or deleted.

How to extend the validity of seats?

1. Log in to Livespace and go to the Payments tab.

2. If the invoice and payer details have not been completed, or you want to edit them, you will do so using the Change button. If you need to update the NIP, please contact us at [email protected].

3. Indicate the period for which you want to extend the validity of the seats - the default is to extend the validity until the end of the current month. Alternatively, you can select the Another term option and set the validity of the seats to the end of a selected month. If it is more than 6 months, a discount will be automatically calculated.

4. In the Payments panel, you also have the option to add new seats. On the other hand, in order to reduce the number of seats, you need to remove or suspend a user assigned to a seat you want to remove. It is important that when removing or suspending a user, you check the Remove the seat as well option:

Once the number of seats is updated, the amount will be recalculated according to the selected extension time and the current validity of the seats.

5. Select a payment method, and then click on Pay Now or Pro-form (depending on the method you choose). Your seats will be extended after the payment is credited. For the online payment, it usually takes up to 15 minutes, with a pro-form invoice - it is necessary to post the funds, so it is usually one business day.

Recurring payments

It is possible to add a payment card, which allows you to enable recurring payments. To enable this option, after selecting the payment method Payment Card, check Enable Recurring payments and extend the validity of your account. Charges for subsequent periods will be automatically charged to the payment card.

Important notes

  • Payment is charged to the card on the last day of the month. If the collection fails, the next attempt will be made on the first day of the following month.

  • If this is the first payment, make it without enabling recurring payments. In the next step, enter your card details and enable recurring payments. This will enable the card to be automatically charged at the next billing period.

  • If recurring payments have been enabled, but you make a payment by another method, the recurring payment option is disabled automatically.

Choosing Livespace package

At Livespace, you have the option to determine what range of options is right for you and your company. Go to Payments and select the appropriate Livespace package. To change the package when renewing your seats, simply go to Payments > Account extension and press the Change button in the Current Plan section.

Important notes

  • The selected package is applied to all seats added to your Livespace account.

  • You can change the package at any time - not only when renewing seats - but no more often than once a month. The change takes effect immediately, and the recalculation of the expiration date of the seats is proportional to the change in the package price.

  • If you change your package after paying for your subscription, changing your package to a lower one extends the expiration dates of the seats by 50%. However, changing your package to a higher one, they are shortened by 50% - according to the price.

  • If you change to a lower package, you will receive a message telling you which application features may be disabled.

How will I know when my seat expires?

When your Livespace seat is about to expire, you will see a corresponding message after you log in.

  • If you are an Administrator - you will see a message when any seat in Livespace is about to expire.

  • If you have a Manager or User role - you will only see the message if it is your seat that is about to expire.

Remember that the validity of the seats can only be renewed by a person with the role of Administrator.

Where can I find invoices for account renewals?

Invoices for the renewal of the Livespace account are available in two ways:

1. Sending documents to the email address indicated in the Payments section.

After each account renewal, an email is sent to this address with a link to download the VAT invoice. If you do not receive the message:

  • Check SPAM folder

  • Make sure the correct email address is indicated in Account settings > Payments

2. Ability to download an invoice under Account settings > Payments > Payment History

Lack of payment

By paying for seats in Livespace you extend their validity until the end of the selected month. When the validity period comes to an end, the account administrators will be informed. However, what happens if you fail to renew your seats on time despite the messages?

  1. For the first 7 days after the expiration of the seat - access to Livespace is still active, while there is a permanent message about the need to make a payment. Livespace is fully functional.

  2. For the next 7 days, until the 14th day after the expiration of the seat - access to Livespace is blocked and the only possible action to perform is to pay the account. During this period, Livespace continues to perform scheduled activities, such as sending scheduled emails, running automatic sequences, recalculating statistics or checking mailboxes.

  3. After 14 days from the expiration of the seat - the system is not only blocked, but ongoing automatic activities are also stopped.

Subscription with a contract from 10 Livespace seats

If you have at least 10 Livespace seats, you can choose to sign a contract:

  • a term contract for 12 or 24 months

  • unlimited term option

This way we will send you VAT invoices for payment and you will not have to generate proformas yourself each month. If you plan to purchase a minimum of 10 seats in Livespace and want to sign a contract, write to us at [email protected] to determine the amount of discount and the exact terms of the contract.

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