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Client status
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When working with a large number of contacts, it often becomes necessary to separate current customers from those with whom you are not working at the moment. In Livespace, this can be done using the Client status feature.

In this article we describe:

Starting the function up

To turn on the Client status function, go to Account settings > Contacts > Client status and check Turn on client status.

How does the client status work?

After turning the function on, the field Client status appears on the company profile. The default status is not set, but it can be changed to:

  • current client

  • former client

The Client status field is also available in the company’s adding/editing form.
When it is necessary to change the status of several clients at the same time, you can use the option to change the status in the list of operations.

Worth knowing

  • After winning a deal with a given company, the client status will automatically change to the current client.

  • The Client status feature applies only to companies. It's not possible to set a client status for a person.

Filtering by client status

The Client status filter allows you to extract a list of current or former clients, as well as create a list of deals carried out (for example, with current customers).

The Client status filter is located in the Companies and Deals tabs.

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