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Groups - how to use them?
Groups - how to use them?

Manage your deals and contacts by grouping them according to your own criteria.

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Groups make it easier to manage deals & contacts, and allow you to use quick methods of organising them, coherent for all Livespace users.

In this article we describe:

Creating and managing groups of deals & contacts

1. To add, edit or remove a group, go to the Contacts or Deals tab and click the settings icon, turning on Group settings.


2. After adding, editing or removing a group, confirm the operation by the Finish button.


By default, every Livespace user can manage groups, but the admin can disable this option for users in the Permissions section.

Worth knowing

  • Contact groups and Deal groups are separate objects.

  • Both contact and deal tied to it can be assigned to different groups.

  • It's impossible to filter deals by contact group and to filter contacts by deal group.

Adding contacts or deals to the group

You can add deals and contacts (persons, companies) to the group in several ways:

1. Assigning from the contact profile and using the +Group button.

2. In the add/edit form.

3. In the Contacts or Deals tab, using list operation.

Examples of using groups

A group of contacts in Livespace are very useful for organising and viewing data. But it is important to properly define the criteria according to which you are going to group people and companies. Here are some examples of the grouping usage:

  1. Top 100 group – one hundred ideal clients with whom you want to start cooperation.

  2. VIP group – especially important clients that you treat differently than the others.

  3. First contact group – contacts selected to establish the first contact, after which they are transferred to another group.

You can group your contacts in terms of any subjectively evaluated characteristics – for example, the ease of carrying out business negotiations or the level of your relationship. Remember that the groups are shared by all Livespace users, so accepted principles should be known to every member of the team.

Worth knowing

  • You can assign contacts to more than one group.

  • For many searching criteria and filtering contacts, such as state or region, you do not need to create separate groups – just use the appropriate filters to restrict the display of the results. It may also be useful to save filters, so they can be used later.

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