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How to undo data import?
How to undo data import?
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To undo the import of data to Livespace:

1. Go to Account Setting or Profile Settings > Import and export;.

2. Press the Undo icon next to the chosen import. You can find the proper data to remove by, for example, the date of the import or just by the file name.

Worth knowing:

  • If you can see that language-specific characters on your contact list look odd during the import or just after finishing it, this is probably due to the incorrect character encoding. Delete such import and then use the tips described in the article How to change the character encoding before importing the file.

  • Undoing an import will delete the imported data. The deleted data will not be visible in the lists and in the search engine, but it will be visible in the places to which it was assigned, for example: a withdrawn and deleted contact will still be visible as a contact in the Deal previously associated with that contact.

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