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Setting up and using ties in Livespace CRM
Setting up and using ties in Livespace CRM
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Ties allow for a clear display of connections between clients, partners, and suppliers.

In this article we described:

Examples of ties

An example of ties in Livespace could be:

  • Relations between companies:

    • Headquarters — Department

    • Competitors

    • Partners

  • Relations between project and company:

    • Project — Subcontractor

    • Project — Client

  • Relations between deal and space/project:

    • Deal — Project

  • Relationship between the former employee and the former company:

    • Former employee — Former company

Activating ties feature

In order to use ties, you need to activate them in Account Settings.

In order to do that:

  1. Go to Account Settings:


  2. Choose Ties tab from the left side menu


  3. Switch Allow for adding ties on the profiles of contacts, sales, etc. feature on


Adding new ties to profiles

Adding new ties mean choosing a type of relation and deciding on what the other side of the tie will be.

To add a tie:

  1. Go to the chosen contact’s profile, deal or space where you want to add a tie.


  2. In the bottom right column, you’ll see Ties box. In order to add a tie, click on Add.


  3. You’ll see a window pop-up, where you can select a tie.


  4. Choose a correct tie.


  5. When you create a tie, you need to choose the other end of it. It is enough to start typing in the name of the other side of the tie, Livespace will give you a hint on the full name.


  6. Click on Add to save a tie.

  7. You’ll see a notification about the tie being added.


  8. You’ll see the tie in the box, in bottom right corner of the profile.


Ties visibility in profiles

When you activate ties in Account Settings, you’ll see the Tie box on the profiles of contacts, deals, and spaces. In the box, you’ll see active ties for a particular profile.


When you hover your cursor over the tie, you’ll see detail concerning this relation.


Adjusting the type of ties in CRM

Types of ties can be defined by the Administrator in Account settings. By default, there are a few exemplary ties, for example, Headquarters – Department or Company – Competitors.

In order to add your own ties:

  1. Go to Account settings


  2. Choose Ties tab from the left side menu


  3. Click on Add a tie

  4. When a window pops up, fill in the required information. Choose what types of elements you want to tie (for example deals with spaces). Fill in additional information, you can describe both sides of the tie.


  5. Click on Add.

  6. Now you can choose a new type of tie on contact’s, deals and spaces profiles.


    You can choose to add ties directly from the addition form. In order to do that, when adding a new type of tie, choose a Show on the form option and then choose the section where you want the tie to appear:


    When adding a new company, we can now choose the other side of the tie directly from the addition form:


Good to know:

Ties allow for a vast possibility of managing relationships. An interesting advantage is using ties to link deals and spaces. When you add such tie, you are able to tell when a closing (or closing soon) deal becomes a project which needs to be executed. There’s no need to store all of the information connected to the process of the sale in Spaces. There’s also no need to include finances and negotiations, information certain people from the company don’t need access to. Creating a separate Space and tying it to the deal allows you to quickly navigate both of those things and go back and forth through its history.

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