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Data import - how to prepare a file?
Data import - how to prepare a file?
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Before you start importing data to Livespace, prepare the file properly. You can download a sample file in Profile Settings > Import > Import new file > Download the sample file.

What does a correctly prepared file look like?

  • The data contained in the file is in one sheet

  • The data is organized in columns

  • The file size does not exceed 4 MB

  • The file is saved in the .csv, .xls, .xlsx or .ods format

  • The file contains the data that will be required during the import:

    • Name and surname for persons

    • Company name for companies

Good to know:

  • If you are importing people and companies at the same time, place the data of both people and companies on one sheet.

  • If there is a problem with displaying Polish characters, change the character encoding.

  • If you have data that Livespace did not provide, expand the forms with your own additional fields before importing. Here we have written how to add additional fields.

Also, read how to import data:

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