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Advanced settings are available in Growth and Professional+ packages.

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Livespace offers a set of basic permissions that can be modified according to the needs of your salespeople. However, if your team's organizational structure is more complex, using advanced settings may be the right solution to take even better care of access to selected data.

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How to enable advanced settings?

In the Professional+ package, advanced settings are enabled by default, while in the Growth package there is an option to enable or disable advanced settings.

To enable advanced settings, go to Account settings > Users > Users:

What are advanced settings?

1. Add new roles (Account settings > Users > Roles):

2. Multiple roles for a user in a team:

  • (Account settings > Users > Users):

  • (Account settings > Users > Teams):

3. Team Manager section for the User role (Account settings > Users > Roles):

4. Adding new access types (Account settings > Permissions > Accesses):

5. Choosing the role for new access types (Account settings > Permissions > Accesses):

6. Required roles (Account settings > Permissions > Accesses):

7. Multiple role selection in an object (Account settings > Permissions > Accesses):

8. Assigning a role to a team (Account settings > Permissions > Accesses):

9. Invite only through specified roles (Account settings > Permissions > Accesses):

10. Team accesses to object groups (Account settings > Groups):

What are the effects of disabling advanced settings?

To disable advanced permissions, go to Account settings > Users > Users:

When you disable advanced settings:

  • previously assigned roles and accesses will not be removed

  • assignment of advanced privileges will be blocked

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