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How to connect your email inbox to Livespace?
How to connect your email inbox to Livespace?
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By linking your email to Livespace, you can keep all your client communication in one place and send messages directly from the CRM. Any synced messages will be connected to the right contacts and sales opportunities.

To connect your email inbox to Livespace, go to Profile Settings, then select the Email Accounts tab.

Zakładka Konta e-mail

IMAP Account Configuration:

To add an email account using IMAP (please note that only IMAP servers are supported), fill out the editing form that will appear when you choose the option Add IMAP Account:

Formularz edycji konta IMAP

1. In the Server information section, complete the following:

  • Login - enter your full email address.

  • Password - fill in the password you use to log in to the email account.

  • IMAP server address - enter the server address where your email inbox is located (you can get this information from your mail provider or your company's IT department).

  • Security protocol - choose SSL or TLS (you can get this information from your mail provider or your company's IT department)
    Port - enter the port number (you can get this information from your mail provider or your company's IT department)

❗Important: If you want to send messages to clients directly from Livespace using this email inbox - activate the option Allow sending messages from this account.

2. In the Additional Information section, you can designate the owner of the added email inbox and select the synchronization preferences, specifying which messages Livespace should save.

❗Important: Livespace will sync only those email messages that are located in the

main folders of the mailbox, which include:

  • Inbox

  • Sent

If messages are moved to subfolders, they will not appear in Livespace

Due to the new version of the synchronisation technology and mechanism, the IMAP variant of the email account may already operate on a new principle that includes all folders and subfolders in the synchronisation, not just Inbox / Outbox.

3. In the Message Visibility section, specify who and where can see email messages from the connected mailbox:

  • The On Wall option refers to correspondence on customer profiles or sales opportunities.

  • The On e-mail list option defines who can see all email messages (regardless of whether they are assigned to a Contact or not) that will appear in the inbox folder.

4. After completing the editing form, confirm the addition of the account by the Add button.

Important: For instant messaging, Livespace uses an external provider and via the IMAP protocol, places the messages in the user's inbox within the Sent folder.

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