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Basic roles of permissions
Basic roles of permissions

What is the breakdown of user privilege roles?

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In Livespace there are three basic roles of user permissions::

  • User - can see all contacts, but depending on Livespace settings, he can only edit and delete his own contact people and companies, plus he has access mainly to his deals and his statistics. He cannot change the settings of the entire Livespace account, only the settings of his own profile.

  • Manager – sees all contacts and can edit them. He has access to all the company's sales opportunities and company statistics - but cannot change the global settings of the Livespace account.

  • Administrator – has access to all data entered by users, managers and other administrators (excluding notes and emails with the user's For Me visibility option enabled) and to all options, including global account settings. In addition, he has access to the Payments section.

Additional information:

If you need additional roles, new types of access or want to have multiple owners of one object, use the advanced settings that are available in the Growth and Professional+ plans. You can read about that here:

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