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Livespace integration with VoIP
Livespace integration with VoIP

What are the benefits of integrating CRM with VoIP systems?

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Telephone contact with customers is an integral part of every seller's work. Dialing numbers, searching for customer information - all this takes up a large part of every day. Call automation, thanks to the combination of CRM with VoIP, is often a key solution for increasing sales efficiency.

A person managing a sales team who wants to increase efficiency is wondering how to improve its activities. How to automate repetitive, everyday activities so that they take as little time as possible and give sellers the tools to work more efficiently. In sales teams that frequently call customers, it is worth combining CRM with VoIP.

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What is VoIP?

The abbreviation VoIP comes from the English Voice over Internet Protocol and means a technology that allows voice transmission over the Internet. In recent years, it has been gaining more and more popularity and is increasingly used in many companies. This is because it has many advantages. One of them is its availability.

To use it, all you need is Internet access and an IP phone, which can be a laptop or smartphone with the provider's application installed.

By becoming independent of the standard telephone network infrastructure, VoIP providers can also offer their users lower costs of use. This is often the main reason why companies are interested in this technology, but not the only one.

The additional possibilities it offers are also important, e.g. the possibility of integration with other applications, including: CRM type.

Benefits of integrating Livespace with VoIP

The combination of both applications provides a number of benefits that will be felt by sellers and people managing their work.

  • Increased effectiveness of the sales team

Looking for ways to make the best use of your resources often means looking for opportunities to automate small, but repetitive and time-consuming activities. Livespace integration with your VoIP application can help with this with features such as:

  1. ​Fast calling directly from Livespace. Instead of dialing a number on your phone or searching for a contact, just click on the number in the customer's profile and the connection will be established.

  2. Displaying the customer profile when connected. Before you answer the phone, you know who is calling, and you have access to full information about the customer. Also, if you use the automatic calling feature provided by VoIP telephony, the customer profile will be displayed on the screen before the connection is made. This allows you to focus on the customer and not on searching for information.

  • Access to the full history of contacts with the client

Quick access to customer knowledge is essential.

  1. Call history. All outgoing and incoming calls are recorded on the customer card, along with the duration of the call. You always have access to the full history of customer interactions, without having to manually add information after each call.

  2. Call recordings. By recording calls in the VoIP application, they can be listened to in Livespace from the customer profile level. This is useful if you need to review a conversation or make sure all necessary information has been included in an offer or order.

  • Better management

Having access to data related to sellers' activities from both applications in one place allows for better planning, organization and control of the work of the sales team.

  1. Statistics. Thanks to integration, Livespace collects call statistics that can be analyzed, for example, by person or over time. It is also possible to measure an indicator that tells us how many connections are necessary to win a deal.

  2. Setting goals. Thanks to the fact that call data is recorded in Livespace, it is possible to set a goal related to sales activities. For example, one of its elements may be the number of connections made. You can estimate and define how many calls he should make to maximize the likelihood of implementing the sales plan.

Comparison of integration functions

Livespace enables integration with Focus Contact Center, Datera and Thulium. Each of these solutions includes a unique set of features. You can find more information on this topic in the following articles:

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