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Contacts in Livespace
Contacts in Livespace

What are contacts in Livespace and how you can manage them efficiently.

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Your contacts in Livespace are companies or persons that have been added by you or your sales team. Each contact has its own profile containing strictly associated data. For example, the company profile includes information about the sales processes you have with this specific business partner.

In this article we describe:

The division of contacts by type

Livespace contacts are divided into Companies and People and they are placed on separate lists.

The list of Companies will contain all your added contractors as well as your potential business partners. These companies may, but need not be linked to the persons on the list of People that you’ve added.

The list of people includes people in various positions: traders, managers and executives of the companies added to the Companies list. They may also be independent and not linked to any company in your Livespace.

Managing contacts

You can modify the list by using the List operations – thanks to that you can mass-change, for example, the owner of the selected contacts or tag multiple profiles at once.

You can manage your contacts in different ways:

Profile of the contact

Contact profile provides all information about your contractor or prospective business partner, including contact details, contact owner, assigned groups and tags by which it has been marked.


Other information option allows you to view further details, including information on the segment to which the company has been automatically assigned.


Person and Company profiles are similar and both provide:

  • adding notes

  • adding deals

  • adding tasks

  • correspondence

  • creating ties

  • following

  • tagging

Worth knowing

  • Every Livespace contact has its owner. By default, this is usually the person who adds it. You can change the ownership of a contact in the adding/editing form.

  • Besides basic information, you can also collect further data about your customers by adding your own form fields. If you have an Admin role, you can do it in the Settings > Forms section. For more information check our article about managing forms.

  • When getting started with Livespace you can import a larger batch of contacts from an external file or another tool. Remember to customize form fields to the data that you want to import just before import – right now you may have more information about your customers than is predicted by the default fields in Livespace. For more information check our article about import.

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