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How to make calls from the Livespace app?
How to make calls from the Livespace app?
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If telephone contact with customers is crucial in your company, it is worth considering the possibilities offered by Livespace. You can choose between Play's Virtual PBX, VoIP integration and the Call Tracker application for Android devices.

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Available integrations

Telephone contact with customers is a key element of every seller's work. Integration of Livespace CRM enables call automation, which often turns out to be a key solution for increasing sales efficiency.

Play's Virtual PBX

If you have a phone on Play you can take advantage of the integration with Livespace, which will save the calls you have made to your contact board!


Livespace offers integration with Focus Contact Center, Datera and Thulium. Each of these solutions has a unique set of functions. Find detailed information in the following articles:

Call Tracker

Call Tracker for Livespace CRM is an application that records outgoing and incoming calls on Android devices. Thanks to it, all connections are automatically saved and visible in the customer's profile.


Incoming and outgoing calls are synchronized and displayed on the profiles of the assigned objects, the dashboard and the calls list according to the configuration settings.

Call entries contain information about the client, user, call direction and call length.

Call history

The integration allows call history to be automatically added on the contact's profile. If we call a customer or a customer calls us, this information will automatically appear in the customer's contact history as a board entry.

In a similar way to the customer profile, the history of outgoing and incoming telephone calls is presented on each Livespace user's profile.

Call list

The list of all conversations with the numbers of your Livespace users can be found in the Notifications -> Calls.

List of conversations shows the calls from all phone numbers added to Livespace. It also gives you the possibility to quickly filter the conversations, so that you can find only those ones that are really interesting to you. Such calls can be quickly assigned from the list to an existing contact, adding their telephone number at the same time, or a new contact can be created.


Livespace collects call statistics, which can be analysed, for example, by person or in terms of distribution over time. It is also possible to measure an indicator of how many calls are necessary to win a chance.

Targets and Results

Thanks to the fact that call data is recorded in Livespace, it is possible to set a goal related to sales activities. For example, one of its elements may be the number of connections made. You can estimate and define how many calls he should make to maximize the likelihood of implementing the sales plan.


On the dashboard and the contacts and deals, you can quickly filter out call entries.


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